Wednesday, 16 February 2011


So, last Sunday me and my friend went on a lazy stroll around Lower East Side where they have loads of small niche boutiques.
We came across this one store called In God We Trust which was so tiny you could barely move. They sold mens and womens clothes as well as random trinkets and amazing jewellery. Being Valentines and all my friend and I decided to buy each other necklaces. My friend bought the broken necklace - rather than your usual 'best friend broken heart necklaces' we liked these because they were different. The broken necklace is part of 2 saying 'Best Fuckin Friends' and my friend has the other. I also bought her a a necklace saying 'Hot Mess' just like the heart here of mine saying 'Really Fuckin Cute'. You can also have them inscribed with what ever you want.

Posted by @catstaffell in NYC.