Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Unlike other's he relies on his own sense of style to create his look. He has admitted to incorporating elements of Keith Richards' fashionable rock attire for both his personal look and on-screen portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, but Johnny Depp is always Johnny Depp in his black T-shirt, faded jeans, leather jacket, bracelets, boots, fedora, and Parisian Cheroot cigarettes. This is a look he cobbled together after taking up residence in the South of France where the locals leave him alone to raise his children and pursue his cinematic art, which after many years has left him as something of a gypsy. He is not a rogue American in france, nor is he an adopted Frenchman trimmed in black. He is Johnny Depp and his unique choice of film roles, multinational lifestyle and need for privacy have combined to create a look and style that is neither rock star, nor actor, nor celebrity. He sees himself as an expatriate artist living abroad and his personal style is a direct reflection of these circumstances and his desire to live and study his craft in France.
He's innovative, creative and a bit wacky, He's really great at stealing the show on and off screen.