Wednesday, 16 February 2011


This is the amazing story of a man who one day lost everything, but through "chance" he has changed his life around, there is word that his story is being made into a film....

In January 2010, a local photographer (in Ningbo,East China) set out to take some photographs of the community for the community forum...he was shooting groups, individual's and scenery but then he captured som on
e very special. A homeless man was walking up and down the streets, searching for food and cigarette butts, the photographer states, "He has a very special temperament, so I couldn’t help but pick up the camera and take a few shots."...

The photographs were placed on the internet and that's where his stor
y really begins. Emails and messages came pouring in, enquiring about this "beautiful man", what was his story? Many couldn't believe that he could be homeless and others thought he was just a model...So, who was he? According to a source, the 'homeless man' goes by the name Mr Cheng and arrived in Ningbo in 1996 looking for work. For many years, he was working well, making good money and able to provide for his family who he used to send most of his earnings too...., things then took a turn for the worse and he lost his job and had his saving robbed from him...Mr Cheng states that he was too ashamed to go back to his family so ended up on the streets...

several attempts where made to locate him but all failed. His family believed that he was dead until they saw his photograph online in January. Mr Cheng then returned home in March, only to find out the news that both his Father and his Wife had been killed in a car from all over the world had collected together around $16,955 to help get his life back on trac..

Within the Fashion world, jokes were made that this man had inspired some pieces and clothing much is true, i can't say but i think his style rocks! It's true 'Boho Chic' and with his look he'd definitely make a good model...He also used to hunt around to find strips of coloured rags to tie into a that's true DIY!

Mr Cheng's life has truly changed over the past year. He has received calls from advertising agencies for modelling work and there is also talk of a film to be released later this year about his life...The streets, have unfortunately left Mr Cheng feeling shy and withdrawn but when interviewed by a foreign newspaper, he says " It feels good to be home, these people are nice. This is good"