Monday, 8 August 2011


Sooooo....Where do u want me to start!!!
I went over to Amsterdam to see my peeps and to check out the infamous
#APPLESAP HIPHOP FESTIVAL! And it went offffff!!!!
It started at 12:00pm-midnight and the sun was out!
I got to Marcs place (across the road from oosterparckstraat- the venue) put my bags down and went to pick up our tickets, even standing in the line of about 30+ within 15mins, it went upto 150+ peeps in the line!!!
It was 1 ticket pp and u could just feel the good vibes all around the park,
we then went to grab a coffee and met up with this legend of a guy called 'Per' and 'Nada' and "Askew' joined us later.
From the word go...! it was like street wear wars..! ha! all the top brands from stussy to vans,jordans,patta to obey,hundreds, and wow! the snapback game over there was next level!!!!
There was the sickest dj line-up from all around the world, and the food court was insane!! esp a stand selling my 'new' fave food - Surimanese!!!
We Drank and smoked till the early hrs and was in the megamix and tbh i was high as a mother fucker with the buzz!!!
There wasnt a copper in sight all day! just shows these europeans know how to party and keep it fun! loved it!
Well im sure from the pics and video uploads, u'll get a rough idea how fuckin sick this thing was!!!! ive already booked my ticket for next year!!!! cant wait!!!!!


PS: Give me few days and i"ll post the fashion street snaps from the festival.